Tools for Advocates and Allies

A Curated List Of Useful Information

I am gradually developing a list of various resources that I think might be of interest to those who visit my site. In several cases, if there is someone who has already curated a suitable group of resources, I will openly credit and share theirs rather than “recreating” it. In other instances, I will share my own individually and/or collaboratively created resource items.

For educational, person, charitable and/or related purposes, you are welcome to utilize and/or share the materials I have provided, no permission needed. Please give the proper attribution when doing so; don’t be a jerk and deceitfully pass it off as your own. And absolutely do not use the intellectual and/or creative property of others – myself included – for your own financial gain – unless you have permission.

General Resources for Access & Inclusion

People of Color and Disability

People of Color and Mental Health

HIV Stigma

Autism (and a little bit of Neurodiversity)

  • Frequently Asked Questions about Autism (from Lydia X.Z. Brown): 21 helpful Q & A of general concepts related to autism
  • What is autism? (from ASAN) provides a neutral overview of autism spectrum condition
  • Pivot Neurodiversity Guide provides general information about neurodiversity
  • Autism Acceptance website from ASAN provides a variety of resources about autism
  • Autism Moon, by Autistic, Typing, addresses parents of children newly diagnosed with autism
  • Start Here! PDF of ASAN’s free comprehensive parent guide for those with newly diagnosed children
  • ASAN’s Resource Library is a comprehensive repository from ASAN of various autism-related resources which include: books, reports and briefs, toolkits, easy read/accessible policy, accessibility resources, anti-filicide toolkit, autism acceptance, self-advocacy, sexual health care and disabilities
  • AWN’s Resource Library contains a variety of printable, plain-language resources on a variety of topics
  • Autastic’s For Autistics, By Autistics Video Library (very helpful for late-diagnosed autistics and/or autistic adults)
  • Autistic Community and the Neurodiversity Movement: Stories from the Frontline: free open-source book edited by Dr. Steven Kapp providing historical and current information related to the autism rights/acceptance movement
  • 100+ Books on Autism and Neurodiversity (from Not an Autism Mom): This list was curated by Meghan Ashburn of Not An Autism Mom in collaboration with the members of That Au-Some Book Club
  • We Are Autastic Book Lists provides a list of several different books, including an Autastic reader-curated “Favorites” sub-list
  • Autistic, Typing’s Booklist Bookshop page lists various different recommended books for all ages
  • Printable Access Card from Autistic Hoya that can be used in encounters when one needs to abruptly disclose autism in public
  • Resources related to Autistic People of Color:
  • More resources are forthcoming.
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