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Empowering Communities, Challenging Stigma

Projects and Initiatives

Innovative Projects for Change

We are proud to lead various impactful projects as well as partner with several amazing colleagues and organizations in the community on a variety of ongoing collaborative efforts. Below you will find details about a few of these endeavors.

Community-Based Research

Research has the potential to transform lives. We are actively engaged in various collaborative research initiatives, working toward increasing the representation of underrepresented groups and meaningfully integrating community members in all aspects of research – from design and implementation to data collection and results dissemination. By valuing and amplifying the community perspective, we can create more inclusive and impactful research.

Combating Stigma

Stigma can be devastating. We are passionate about addressing misconceptions and societal biases related to race, disability, and HIV/AIDS status. We particularly focus on dismantling stigma within research, education,  communication and media, and other platforms. Our work in this area includes public speaking, writing, advocating for the use of non-stigmatizing language,  promoting greater acceptance and inclusion of marginalized communities, and other initiatives.

Mental Health Advocacy

We collaborate with community partners, universities, etc. to raise awareness and provide education on mental health,  particularly for women, youth, 2SLGBTQIAP+ communities, individuals with dual mental health and other diagnoses, and people of color. Past and current topics include suicidality, burnout, and various forms of trauma. Our work includes training, consulting, and sharing resources to address mental health matters.

Promoting Accessibility

Access is crucial for justice, inclusion, and fostering a sense of belonging. However, many aspects of our world unfairly limit access to others, leading to exclusion. Recognizing our responsibility to make improvements and prioritize accessibility, we strive to make practical changes to work toward a more inclusive world. Examples include incorporating plain language, captioning, image descriptions, alt text, preferred/non-stigmatizing language, etc. 

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